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Production Record
To be Bred in 2015 to

Tan Man - colt (352 days)
Dali (IN) - 04/27/14

Miro' - colt (356 days)
Dali (IN) - 04/14/13

Durant - colt (357 days)
Dali (IN) - 04/14/12

Meersburg - colt (354 days)
Sand Shooter (IN) - 04/14/11

Lee's Z Tam - colt (358 days)
Sand Shooter (IN) - 03/24/10

Jackson Killean - colt (358 days)
I Am A Fool (PA) - 05/23/08

Special Strides - colt (360 days)
Camotion (ONT) - 05/05/07
Owner: Jerry Snyder - Holland, Michigan
Ruddick Stables
9200 W. 300 N.
Scipio, IN  47273
(765) 215-6525
Belize - 2001
(Jenna's Beach Boy - Autumn Mindale,
by Matt's Scooter)
2010:  Delivering a foal from the first crop of Sand Shooter (IN), Belize gave birth to a HUGE colt on
Wednesday, March 24.  She went into labor at 9:21 p.m. and delivered the baby quickly.  It appears he will
be the same color as his mother, with a big star on his forehead.  The marking looks as though he was hit
in the head with a snowball.
Belize - 2001
(Jenna's Beach Boy - Autumn Mindale, by Matt's Scooter)
p,2,1:59.4h ($15,024)
2011: Giving us an early morning call via the Foal Alert System, Belize delivered a colt by Sand Shooter at
2:45 a.m. April 14.  He is marked nearly identical to his brother from last year, with the addition of a white
hind foot.  She will be bred back to Dali, who was bred by owner Jerry Snyder.
2012:  With a foal from the first Indiana eligible crop of Dali (IN), Belize went into labor at 6:03 a.m. April 14.  
As with her last two foals, the colt has a star on his forehead.  He also has a white right hind foot.  The large
colt was very strong at birth and nursing in no time at all.  She will be bred back to Dali (IN).
2013:  Talk about prompt!!!  For the 3rd year in a row, Belize foaled a colt on April 14.  This year, the son of
Dali arrived at 10:14 p.m.  Unlike the 3 previous brothers we have foaled, he does not have the usual star.
The mare will be bred back to Dali, who was also bred by her owners.